The LEVEL single gel packs for both Orange Vanilla Dream and Strawberry Lemonade Life. There are also images of strawberries and oranges behind the packs and splashes of red and orange. They also say Naturally Flavored Glucose Gels under the name. At the top it shows where to tear and it says that it raises low blood sugar.
15g fast-acting glucose gels


Raise Low Blood Sugar Fast

15 Grams of Fast Acting Glucose

Used by First Responders

Easy to Open, Easy to Carry

Big flavor
for a big boost

Strawberry Lemonade Lift

Our Strawberry Lemonade Lift glucose gels are bursting with sweet, juicy strawberries and tangy lemons.

Orange Vanilla Dream

Our Orange Vanilla Dream glucose gels are bursting with zesty orange and rich, sweet vanilla.