Raise Low Blood Sugar Fast With LEVEL Life Glucose Gels

LEVEL Life glucose gels are the first product to prioritize every element in supporting blood sugar. Treating low blood sugar safely and efficiently tastes better than ever with LEVEL Life glucose gels. From sweet, juicy strawberries and tangy lemons to zesty orange an sweet vanilla, LEVEL Life gels are bursting with flavor.

How Do LEVEL Life Glucose Gels Work?

No food or beverage can help you treat — without over-treating — as accurately as the 15g of fast-acting glucose in LEVEL Life Glucose Gels, which is the amount recommended by the American Diabetes Association. LEVEL Life Glucose Gels are critical to supporting blood sugar and treating hypoglycemia.

Every easy-to-carry squeeze pack contains 15g of fast-acting glucose to precisely treat lows. Our glucose gels can be carried in every pocket, bag, and backpack or even stored in the car for when you’re on the go.

Why Use LEVEL Life Glucose Gels vs. Candy, Soda, Juice?


Delivers 15g of fast-acting glucose in just 1.1 oz

Icon depicting a pink outline of a blood drop that has an arrow pointing up.

Lowest risk of over-treatment

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Used by EMS/Paramedics


Tastes delicious with only 60 calories per serving

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Gluten Free

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A durable, compact pouch that never freezes or melts in cold or hot climates